Hydroquinone Prescribed Online

Hydroquinone Prescribed Online

Medication as low as PKR 3,500 per month. GET STARTED


Melasma Treatment in Pakistan

Do you notice dark spots or uneven skin tone affecting your confidence? Address hyperpigmentation from melasma and sun damage with treatments backed by science and recommended by dermatologists.


Medication Price
HYDROQUINONE As low as PKR 1,000 per month
TRETINOIN As low as PKR 1,000 per month
AZELAIC ACID As low as PKR 1,000 per month


Personalized Treatment for Your Skin


  • Customized medication plan for your unique skin needs
  • Safe prescription medications chosen specifically for you
  • Continuous support from licensed medical providers
  • Collaborate with your provider to refine your treatment until satisfied

Drawbacks of Other Services:

  • Generic solutions for everyone
  • Lack of evidence-based ingredients
  • No expert support
  • Wasteful trial and error


Achieve Your Best Skin, Prescribed and Delivered in Pakistan

Since Skinplus.pk started providing prescription skincare, thousands in Pakistan have trusted our medical team for treatments addressing acne, rosacea, and signs of aging. Now, we’re proud to introduce treatments for melasma and other skin discolorations resulting from sun damage or hormonal changes. Welcome to your destination for evidence-based skincare solutions.


How it Works

No Steps Description
1 Apply for your prescription. Share details about your health, skin issues, and upload a few photos via our website or app.
2 Our medical team evaluates. A licensed Pakistani medical professional will examine your details and, if appropriate, prescribe the best treatment for you.
3 Medication delivered to you. A 3-month medication supply is sent to your address with complimentary delivery. Connect with our medical team anytime for queries.

Medication Details & Pricing

After submitting your health details and a PKR 1,000 consultation fee, a Skinplus.pk healthcare provider will assess your skin and recommend the right treatment. We’ll then dispatch a 3-month supply of the medication to your residence. Continuous refills will be provided based on your treatment plan, with all shipments free of charge. Note: These medications aren’t insurance-covered and require out-of-pocket payment.

Our Medication Offerings

Your Skinplus.pk medical expert will devise a treatment plan, often including one or more of these medications:

  • Hydroquinone: A highly-researched cream for melasma. Typically prescribed for 3-6 months due to potential side effects from extended use.
  • Azelaic Acid: A gel that lessens dark spots and skin discoloration. Sometimes prescribed in conjunction with hydroquinone or following a hydroquinone treatment period.
  • Tretinoin Cream: A potent vitamin A-derived cream, often prescribed for acne, sun damage, and as part of a melasma treatment plan.


Dermatologist-Endorsed Skincare

Streamline your skincare routine with affordable, effective products recommended by Skinplus.pk’s medical team. All products are available without a prescription and are selected to complement prescription treatments. Enjoy free shipping when you purchase a bundled product set through Skinplus.pk!


Dermatology Resource Centre

Stay updated with the latest research and receive expert advice for maintaining healthy skin. Skincare Articles


  • How does Skinplus.pk’s melasma treatment work?
    Easily answer some questions about your symptoms or health history on the Skinplus.pk website or app, then upload a few skin photos. No appointments needed. Within a few days, a licensed medical professional will review your details and photos, devise your personalized prescription treatment (if medically suitable), and our team will dispatch the medication straight to your door.

  • What’s the cost of melasma treatment via Skinplus.pk?
    An initial fee of PKR 1,000 is charged for the medical evaluation, which also covers a year of correspondence with our medical team about your treatment. Medication prices vary between PKR 5,000 to PKR 8,500 for a three-month supply, and aren’t insurance-covered. Delivery is always complimentary.

  • What kind of melasma treatment does Skinplus.pk offer?
    We prescribe clinically validated prescription medications, similar to what you’d obtain from a physical dermatologist consultation. Our focus is on evidence-backed treatments, not ambiguously labeled creams.

  • Who’s eligible for Skinplus.pk’s melasma treatment?
    Men and women over 18 (who aren’t pregnant) and residing in areas served by Skinplus.pk can apply for melasma treatment. Our medical team will determine if telehealth treatment is safe and suitable for your symptoms.


Introducing Our Medical Professionals

Our team consists of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and physician assistants dedicated to top-tier patient care. Skinplus.pk’s medical team believes in universal access to personalized, judgment-free healthcare, emphasizing transparent and genuine communication. Discover more about our experts.

Empowering You

We recognize that modern life doesn’t always allow for pharmacy visits or doctor appointments. Skinplus.pk ensures everyone can access medications promptly, discreetly, and affordably, promoting a proactive approach to personal health.