readme file

Markdown will be processed and post will be published as HTML.
Images used in the source file will be uploaded to WordPress.
Relative links are supported.
Set post properties like post status, title, order, category, tags etc, in the source file itself.
Webhook support (whenever repository is changed, it updates the plugin to pull the latest changes and publish the posts)
Add multiple repositories.
Publish to any post type.
Posts are published in hierarchial manner if they are under folders. Example: a file dir1/ will be posted as dir1/hello/ in WordPress if the post type supports hierarchy.
Support for post metadata like setting tags, categories, custom fields.

Only Markdown files will be pulled and published right now
Posts won’t be deleted when it’s source file is deleted on Github.
It is preferred to have a permalink structure.
It is preferred to select a post type which supports hierarchy.
Images have to present only in _images folder in the repository root. Markdown files have to relatively use them in the file.