Hair removal laser for men in Pakistan


Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure in Pakistan, especially in cities like Lahore. With the advancements in technology, laser hair removal has become a more accessible and affordable option for men.

Dr. Rabia at SkinPlus Lahore, one of the best dermatologists in Lahore and Pakistan, offers the latest and most effective hair removal laser treatments for men.

Benefits Of Hair Removal Laser For Men:

There are several benefits of hair removal laser for men, some of which are:

Permanent hair reduction: Unlike other hair removal methods that require frequent maintenance, laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction.
Safe and Painless: Laser hair removal treatments are safe and relatively painless.
Time-saving: With laser hair removal, there is no need to spend time and effort on regular hair removal maintenance.
Confidence boost: Removing unwanted hair can boost a person's confidence and self-esteem.

Different Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Men:

Dr. Rabia at SkinPlus Lahore offers several laser hair removal treatments for men, including:

  • Diode Laser Hair Removal
  • Nd: YAG Laser Hair Removal
  • Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Each treatment is designed to address specific hair and skin types. The dermatologist will recommend the best treatment option based on a patient's individual needs.

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal For Men In Lahore And Pakistan:

The cost of laser hair removal for men in Lahore and Pakistan depends on several factors, such as the size of the area being treated, the type of laser used, and the number of treatments required. On average, a single laser hair removal treatment for a small area like the upper lip can cost around Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000. Packages that include multiple treatments can be more cost-effective.

Single Session Prices

Men Treatment PKR
Face 6,000
Upper Lip 2,000
Chin 2,000
Cheeks 2,000
Sideburns 2,000
Eyebrows 2,000
Jawline 2,000
Ears 2,000
Nose 2,000
Forehead 2,000
Underarms 5,000
Half Arms 6,000
Full Arms 12,000
Hands & Fingers 3,000
Half Legs 9,000
Full Legs 18,000
Feet & Toes 3,000
Pantyline 6,000
Full Bikini 8,000
Buttocks 5,000
Full Chest 8,000
Sternum 4,000
Areolas 4,000
Full Abs 5,000
Happy Trail 3,000
Front Neck 3,000
Back of Neck 3,000
Half Back 4,000
Full Back 8,000
Shoulders 4,000
Full Body 40,000

All Packages Include 1 Free Treatment and are priced at "buy 5 single treatments, get 1 single treatment free".


  1. Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and permanent solution for men who want to remove unwanted hair.
  2. Dr. Rabia at SkinPlus Lahore is one of the best dermatologists in Lahore and Pakistan, offering the latest laser hair removal treatments for men.
  3. The cost of laser hair removal varies, but with the availability of packages and financing options, it is a more accessible and affordable option for many men.
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