Best skin specialist in Lahore

What Makes A Good skin specialist?

They should also have very good people skills, with the ability to make patients feel welcome and cared for despite short, 10–15 minute visits. Empathy, respect, cultural competence, compassion and curiosity are all important traits that should be possessed by a dermatologist.

Three Adjectives To Describe The Typical skin specialist?

Outgoing, happy and compassionate.

How To Know If You Should See An Esthetician Or A skin specialist?

An esthetician, is not regulated by PMDC in PAkistan. So, anyone can be aesthetician. A dermatologist PMDC accredited who specializes in the health and beauty of your skin. Dermatologists are doctors trained to diagnose specific skin conditions and skin procedures treat them

Can Estheticians Remove Moles?

Only licensed dermatologist can perform skin tag/mole removals. Skin tag/mole removal is considered an invasive procedure.Cosmetologists, barbers, manicurists, estheticians, and electrologists are prohibited from removing skin tags

Who Is Best Female Dermatologist In Lahore?

Patient reviews on google clearly states that Dr. Rabia is compassionate with her patients, give patients 15+ minute of time and keep in touch with her patients and make sure that patients get best skin treatment in Lahore.

in order to book appointment with her WhatsApp/ Call 03164760604

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